Deepoff - deep-house selected music: MANIK - Fabric Promo Mix 2012 + Interview

MANIK - Fabric Promo Mix 2012 + Interview


Young musician, MANIK originates from New York, where he found notoriety in the city’s nocturnal hotel and loft parties’ melting pot of sub genres from avant-garde house to jacking indie pop and everything in between.

After three years of stellar releases on labels from Ovum, Culprit and Poker Flat we can almost picture for ourselves the scenarios of the NYC DJ going off by night, which we are looking forward to experiencing in our own Farringdon way this Saturday as MANIK makes the journey from the East Coast city stateside to Room Three next to dexterous duo Blond:ish.

Read on as MANIK tells us about his latest productions with Burnski, a new album on the horizon following his debut Ovum offering last year and why he loves eating NYC style pizza. His promo mix is a perfect example of the NYC DJ’s style, strung together with a hypnotic deep bassline groove set to take the lid off Room Three this weekend.

Hi Chris. Good to meet you. Can you introduce yourself for us?

Born and bred New Yorker. Grew up in Queens and live in Brooklyn now. I love making music and eating NYC style pizza.

For those coming to check you out in Room Three with BLOND:ISH. Can you give them a taster of what they can expect from you?
I’m really looking forward to playing Room 3 with BLONDISH. They are cool girls and we know each other. I would say to expect me to play upcoming music from my end and also to check my Soundcloud which I update regularly with dope new stuff.

What’s the underground house scene like in New York right now? Where do you go to let loose and enjoy the music?
It is different and good. There isn't an emphasis on big club mentality here. All the cool parties are in hotels or lofts....sometimes unannounced. That's the vibe we are on here in the city. With that said, we have a fantastic Indie Rock and Indie Pop scene. Lots of great bands come from my hood.

Can you tell us about the Real Tone EP with Burnski you have due out next month?
Yes. It is the follow up to our 2012 single 'You Know What It's Like.' The new one also has me on vocals. Burnski is one of my closest friends and we recorded a few new "Burnski & MANIK" songs over the summer in his Berlin studio. The next one will be out in November.

We’ve heard you have a second artist album due for next year. Can you tell us more about it and how you approached this differently to your Ovum debut in 2011?
Same concept of me being me and just making music I love. With that said....this record is more personal sounding and also will be more mature. "Pers-mature"?

If you had to pick one, what’s been your career highlight so far?
The small things that count: Example, fans all around the world coming up to me to say how this or that song of mine made them smile or dance or cry or laugh. That is my final answer.

It’s our fabric birthday next weekend. What’s the best birthday you’ve ever received?
This involved a really giant birthday cake and some great friends.

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